Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 !

Here is to a Great Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is on 27th November

One of the widely celebrated holidays of United States, Thanksgiving, has its history and origin way back to the ancient centuries. Even though the style and grace of the celebration have changed a lot but it still is one of the prime festivals of United States.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Diwali And Halloween 2014

In a flash, we are on the verge of another new year, with the present year on its last leg, even before we have realized it.

Every year, as it ends, leaves us with a host of festivities, and this year being no exception. The festive mood is everywhere, with two of the most popular celebrations and preparations on their way, Halloween and Diwali.

Lets  talk of Diwali first. It is the Indian festival of lights, being celebrated from thousands of years ago even before Christ's birth. It carries the rich legacy of Indian culture, and is celebrated by all Indian citizens, irrespective of their faith. Its celebration have also caught on majorly in all western countries, including USA and UK, where ever there is a sizable Indian population. Know any Indian? Remember to greet them "Happy Diwali"

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Happy Diwali from TheHolidaySpot

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Enjoy the festive days, be safe


Its also time for the biggie! Halloween!

 Halloween costume ideas and more
A time when everyone enjoys the parties, the ghoulish recipes, the smoking hot costumes, and the visiting kids for trick or treat. Remember to adequately stock up on candies.
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Have fun!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oktoberfest, Navratri, Rosh Hashanah and DurgaPuja

Now that we have reached September, the great holiday season is just a few more days away!
But to make the season interesting, celebrations have already begun, in some parts of the globe.
For example, take Oktoberfest. Though native to Germany, its celebration is now rampant in different parts of the globe. Tune in, all Beer lovers!

Oktoberfest is on 20th Sept.-5th October 2014

Welcome to the largest fair of this globe, a tradition that started two centuries ago. It started with about 40,000 people attending, which has grown to about 6.5 million in that location. It is also celebrated in different other locations around the world. Welcome to Oktoberfest.


Blow the Shofer! For it is New Year's time for Jews. Its Rosh Hashanah!
High Holy Days with Rosh Hashanah. The holiday la rosh that means the new year celebrations of the Jewish community and stands for the feast of trumpets, freeing ourselves from all bad stuffs lurking inside us and wishing all a good and pious new year. Visit

The Great Indian Festival of Navratri is on 25th of September - 3rd of October, 2014

One of the greatest Hindu festivals is called Navratri, Navratras, Navrathri or Durga Puja are the different names, different idols, and different manner of celebration, but the underlying theme remains the same. It is the celebration of Good over Evil; of the greatness and valour of Devi Durga; the Giver of Peace, Prosperity and Well being of the mortals. TheHolidaySpot is happy to present to you a world of information related to the Holy Navratri Festival you can share with everyone you care about and elevate the festive mood. Wish you all A Happy Navratri! Read more at

Durga Puja is the biggest celebrations of West Bengal, India, where millions join to celebrate the homecoming of the Goddess Durga.
It is the time when the whole of Bengal pulsates with the unique philharmonic of conch shells, the rhythms of dhaks(drums), the "Ulu Dhani" (tongue sounds) of Bengali women, the burning of dhoop (incense), pushpanjalis (flower offerings) and of course, the chanting of hymns and prayers. Nature seems to join into the celebration with the sunny weather, clear blue sky and gentle breeze that blows time and again. The spirit of festivity breaks loose all over Bengal and wherever Bengalis have a presence.

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Have a great time!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Events Now: Father's Day, Memorial Day and Dragon Boat Festival


May is rapidly coming to an end, and June is just around the corner.
While it is pleasant summers in most of UK and US, Asia is burning in the heat. What a contrast mother nature provides for!

May 26th is Memorial day, a day for remembrance of our fallen heroes. It is also a weekend of celebrations and outings, with picnic, camping, fishing, long drives and anything outdoors. 
Do check our Memorial day section, and you will find every checklist you need, whether for camping, of for a picnic. Also, download a wallpaper for your device in remembrance of the heroes who laid their lives for us:

Dragon Boat Festival ( Duan Wu )
Dragon Boat Festival, one of the biggest Chinese festivals, is on the 2nd of June. Do not forget to wish all your Chinese colleges for the event. Also find wallpapers, facts, about the Chinese dragon, recipes and more. Visit

And Finally, the biggest among them all, one that is celebrated across the world - Father's Day!

An event when you can wish anyone who is a dad, including your's, fathers day calls for a fun event, and a day to thank the ones who have toiled to raise their children.
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Mother's Day - Activities | Personalized Gifts | Downloads | Celebrations


Welcome to Mother's day celebrations, 2014 !

A day dedicated to all moms, a day to woo all moms, to say thank you, to say that you care.

As we have always said, the greatest gift you can give is time. So if you can spend some quality, dedicated time with her, by all means do it, it will be the greatest gift of memories for all time to come.

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Activities for Mother's Day
For those who are looking for Mother's day activities, like crafts, coloring book, games, decorations etc, Visit the homepage at 
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If you have great kids at home, who cannot wait to indulge into Mother's day activities, here is something specially for them:
Mother's Day Activities for Kids

There is many more. Check this:

So, have a great mother's day, and please share this page with all your friends.